Sonmez Celik, Established in 1976, In the Turkish Manufacturing Sector, with its experienced workers and administrators develops its production capacity and consumer potential successfully, And now targetted to export its products and work for satisfaction of foreign consumers too, Sonmez Celik products are being made under the concept of maximizing the utility of its consumers and all products are being produced on the standards carefully and we give close attention on packaging the products while transporting

We produce Industrial Equipments such as Workshop/Garage/Warehouse Steel Drawer Equipments as Metal Tool Cabinets, Cnc-Nc Tool cabinets, Steel Workbenches, Metal Racking Systems, Personal lockers and Also the products that are especially designed by the consumers for their factories, garages etc. And no order quantity Limit!, Retail and Wholesale Sales Available. Please feel free about asking any thing about our products in anytime. Thank you.
Factory Sales Mobile: + 90 555 212 32 01 - You may Also Message or Call via Whatsapp® Application. Thank you.

OUR MISSION; SonmezCelik with its Industrial Equipments works for Maximizing Consumer Satisfaction. SonmezCelik works for to protect and enlarge its place in the Domestic and Foreign Industrial Sector with its Quality and Reliability

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